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Coconut Water Review from ConsumerLab

What's really in popular brands of coconut water and how do these products compare to one another, as well as to just drinking water? ConsumerLab's Tod Cooperman, M.D. explains, based on recent test findings reported at http://bit.ly/2V3qBBT for Naked, Taste Nirvana, Trader Joe's, Vita Coco, Zico, and Coco Hydro (a powdered coconut water).

Our tests revealed that one coconut water product inaccurately listed the amount of sugar it provided. In addition, sugar levels ranged across the products by 64%, sodium by 460%, magnesium by 870%, and the amount of potassium in a cup of each ranged from 285 mg to 490 mg. We also found that you could spend from 72 cents to as much as $1.98 for a cup of coconut water.

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Drink a Glass of Coconut Water for 2 Weeks, See What Happens to Your Body

Once upon a time, coconut water was only to be found in health stores. Now, this drink is so mainstream that it can be purchased from almost every grocery store.

If you’re in the habit of chugging down a sports drink before or after working out, then here’s a better option for you! Sports drinks are usually packed with sugar, but you can find coconut water with a very low sugar content and get the same benefits that you would from a sports drink. Coconut water is designed to replenish the nutrients lost from sweating and physical exertion.

It’s a good source of potassium 0:43
It’s a better choice than a sports drink 1:28
It packs a ton of electrolytes 2:02
It acts as a diuretic 3:00
It has antibacterial properties 3:34
It keeps your heart healthy 4:17
It can help you keep hydrated 5:14
Negative side effects 6:00

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- One cup of coconut water contains about 17% of the recommended daily intake, making it a great source of potassium.
- If you have diarrhea, are vomiting, sweat too much, or simply have an inadequate diet that doesn’t give you your minerals, you could suffer from an electrolyte imbalance...but not if you drink coconut water every day!
- It also helps to cleanse the urinary tract, thus reducing your chances of getting a urinary tract infection.
- Coconut water carries tannins, which are phytochemical components known to have anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial effects.
- According to a 2014 report in the journal Stroke, potassium can “ward off stroke and prevent early death in women.”
- Coconut water shouldn’t replace regular water but should be used to keep you even more hydrated.
- If you drink 2 large bottles, you’d be getting almost all of your sodium intake just from that drink.
- Coconut water isn’t going to be good for you if it’s packed with sugar and adds to your calories.
- Drinking it every day can definitely put you over your recommended daily calorie intake.
- Be careful not to confuse coconut water with coconut milk! They’re both delicious, but coconut milk is extremely high in coconut fat and should be drunk as an occasional treat to maintain a healthy weight.

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